If you are on Facebook, you have seen Must Do Travels post about Cascate Del Mulino in Saturnia. The hot spring bubbles out and forms a waterfall that cascades down into natural pools, which have created mini hot tubs on the hillside. With school out Friday, we loaded up and set out to find this natural wonder. As you approach the falls, you are welcomed by an overlook of the beauty.

We couldn’t wait to take a dip in the inviting pools. We proceeded down to the parking lot and changed into our suits. If you decide to make the trip, robes and water shoes are a must for comfort!

While it is a natural beauty and absolutely worthwhile seeing, there a few things to prepare for. First of all, it smells. The water is packed full of minerals and most notably…sulfur. However, the smell didn’t affect the experience until afterwards. My goodness, we needed a shower and quick. There is a little cafe that has a shower to pay for but there is no guarantee it is working. We stayed at a BNB nearby so we could rinse off when we were done… More on that later. Secondly, there were “red worms” all in the water. This was something I was not prepared for. The thought of those things getting in places they shouldn’t, had me slightly panicking. Everyone else looked so calm and relaxed. We were swimming in worms,people! But… When in Italy… So we embraced it and I just didn’t look down šŸ˜‚. After we left, I researched it a bit to find out out it was harmless larvae from the black gnats that gather in the area. We will see how harmless it is when I am the next news story about the American abroad who had flies grow in an open wound while visiting a tourist location in Italy. I have only slightly thought this through… obviously.

Afterwards, we proceeded to the agriturismo we had booked for the night. This link will take you to the property and if you enter this code, we will both get a discount! The host spoke plenty of English and was so welcoming. She took us around to show us the property and their animals

The rooms were clean, breakfast was simple and homemade, and the location was less than 10 minutes from the falls. We couldn’t have asked for a better stay. Highly recommend staying here. We decided to venture about 15 minutes away to Montemerano for dinner. The options are slim during off season but this place said they were open and the reviews were good. When we arrived, Google had lied. In true Italian fashion, the restaurant didn’t open until 7:30. We had an hour to waste in a sleepy little town but we were determined to make the best of it. We found a cute little park for the kids to run off some energy and then we set off to get lost in the streets. This town is a must see. It’s quaint, picturesque, and easy to explore.

We had dinner at Dal Moro. The menu is chosen by the chef each night. We had handmade pasta in a mixed ragu and pizza. For dessert, we had creme brulee. The kids couldn’t believe there dessert was on fire!

Overall, this trip was loved by all and it was a great escape from the norm. On to the next adventure!

– Candice

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