Lake Bled, Slovenia

Long weekends make my heart yearn for travel. While 4 years seems like a long time, we have so much to see and do! Deployments and TDY’s take away some of the time we have as well. So, any extra day off, we try to jump at the chance to go somewhere new. If you know anything about me, you know spontaneous is word that describes me the least. I have a planner for my planner… I’m joking… kind of. Life has been busy with school, work, and getting back into the swing of things since our trip back to the states. With all that is going on, I just didn’t find the time to sit down and plan something over  MLK Day. Saturday morning, after we ventured out and find an amazing antique piece for our house, we decided to be spontaneous. We came home, packed our bags, and booked a hotel. The next morning we were off to Slovenia! While Lake Bled is busiest during the Summer, it is worth a visit in the Winter. We were greeted with snow as we began to make our way closer to the Slovenian border. It looked as though God had sprinkled powdered sugar on all the trees. I love to enjoy snowy views from some place warm.


We stopped by Bled Castle first where we enjoyed Bled Cream Cake and bottled our own wine! The castle overlooks the beautiful Lake Bled and the church that is on the island.

After visiting Lake Bled, we checked into our hotel. The owner also runs the restaurant next door. Our stay was great and the food was absolutely amazing. We had Wurstel and Sauerkraut as well as game goulash. I don’t know what the meat was but I know it was tender and delicious!

The next day, we hopped on a Pletna and made our way to the church on the little island in Lake Bled. In the church is a “wishing bell”. According to the legend, a young widow Poliksena once lived at the Bled Castle, who had a bell casted for the chapel on the island in memory of her husband. During the transport of the bell, a terrible storm struck the boat and sank it together with the crew and the bell, which to this day is said to ring from the depths of the lake. After the widow died, the Pope consecrated a new bell and sent it to the Bled Island. It is said that whoever rings this bell and thereby gives honour to Virgin Mary gets his wish come true.

Brok was able to take his drone and do a flyover. He shot a pretty awesome video that you can check out below!

I can’t wait to head back this summer and let the kids enjoy the beautiful lake and explore the area without freezing!


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