Prosecco Road Adventures

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and it’s hard to believe another year has come and gone.  Counting down the last minutes of the year calls for a little bubbly. After living in Italy for almost 2 years, we were introduced to prosecco, Italy’s very own bubbly. Prosecco is mainly produced in Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, which is about 30 minutes from our house.  Rolling hills of vineyards surround you as you make your way from winery to winery. We had heard lots of people talk about this vending machine that is nestled on a hill in a vineyard and gives you wine bottles. Walk a little further to find a restaurant that is self serve and operates completely on the honor system. We decided this was something we had to see for ourselves. My best friend came to visit and we loaded the kids up and headed out to find this little jewel.

It was the coolest thing! Nothing like sipping wine with your best friend in the middle of a vineyard over looking thousands of grapes.  We took another trip this summer with Brok’s parents and it was even more magical.

One added amenity that was greatly appreciated was down a path and hidden amongst the grapes…. You just never know when nature will call…

After we grabbed wine, we headed over to Osteria Senza Oste. This little osteria has bread, cheeses, and meats for purchase. There a cutting boards and knives to grab and take with you to cut up your goodies after you pay.

I love the simplicity of this trip. It is a great place to get away from it all, sip a bottle of prosecco and enjoy some fresh meat and cheeses from the local area. I can’t wait to soak up the warm sun again in these beautiful vineyards this summer. I never realize how much I miss the sun until winter is here and I look back at summer photos.

Until next time…


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