Triberg, Germany

The last leg of our trip was off to Triberg. The black forest has always been an bucket list item of mine. We had three things to take care of here: Black forest, Black Forest Cake, and a Cuckoo Clock.  We stayed in Schonach at an apartment called Andreas. This place was a little quirky on the inside but it had A/C, great food near, and an amazing park right behind it! Check out the cool things for the kids to do. We even played mini golf and listened to a live band.

That night we headed down to Triberg to have dinner and try Black Forest Cake. Dinner was amazing! The cake? Meh. I did try it again the next day at different place it was much better. So if you go, don’t get it from Pinnochio’s. Go to the shop by the waterfall.

The next day, we were off to find a Cuckoo Clock! We visited this real life clock that was made about 38 years ago by a man in the town. His daughter in law explained the workings and showed us around. So cool!


Next, we visited another large clock and find one of our own!

The following day we headed to the Triberg Waterfalls. We bought peanuts at the entrance and got to feed a little friend we found!

We successfully checked all three items off of our list and headed to Garmisch to stay at Edelweiss before driving home. This was such an amazing journey!


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