Rest and Relaxation

Travel was pretty minimum while Brok was gone so we decided during his time off we would check a few things off our bucket list. Originally we had planned on a few days at an inclusive resort in Croatia. This would allow us to just hang out and relax as a family. No one figuring out where we would eat, what we would see, and where to go next. Those things always make traveling a little stressful for a type-a gal like me. When Brok’s return was pushed back, I canceled Croatia. By the time he was home, everything was pretty much sold out. August is when all of Italy goes on holiday ( I am only slightly exaggerating…). So, I got adventurous and planned a multi country trip for 6 days. I booked hotels, picked one activity per place, and decide we would roll with whatever came. We had been told by many friends that food in Switzerland is insanely expensive and underwhelming so we decided we would pack our food. This was probably the most challenging part because we knew we wouldn’t be able to buy ice when we left Aviano. We wanted to keep driving per day to a minimum, so we split the trip into 4 locations: Lugano, Lauterbrunnen, Triberg, and Garmisch. This allowed us to have 3-4 hours on travel days and still use that day for exploring. Click on the links below to read about each awesome place!

Day 1: Lugano, Switzerland

Day 2-3: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Day 4-5: Triberg, Germany

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