Lugano, Switzerland

We chose Lugano as our first stop for our trip. It is about a 4 hour drive for us. This allowed us some time to visit and rest before following on to Interlaken. We stayed at Hotel Besso Lugano. The location was not in downtown Lugano but it offered a free bus pass for transportation. We were able to park the car safely at the hotel and catch the bus right outside the door. Super easy! What isn’t easy is getting off at the right stop and making your family wait in the sun for 2 hours as you try to hop a cable car and another bus with little success. We won’t talk about that part of the trip…

ANYWAY, after nearly dying from dehydration, we found this awesome fountain! After we had paid 4$ for a bottle of water of course.


We still had to try it and refill our bottle.

Lugano offers a great park, swimming area, and beautiful side streets to get lost in. It’s a great place for a stop through or 2 day weekend.

Before we headed out for Interlaken, we stopped at Alprose chocolate factory. We were a little bummed that the museum and observation deck are closed for renovation but we still got some yummy swiss chocolate!



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