One year later…

Hard to believe over one year ago we were checking into TLF and getting ready for our new adventure in Italy. It seemed like the adventure of a lifetime and we couldn’t wait to arrive. We made it and a new reality began to sink in…. This was going to be a challenge.

I expected a 6 month transition period. It’s been a year and I think we are finally coming to terms with our situation. Letting the bad go and focusing on all the great things we do have. I have made some wonderful friends, eaten some great foods, drank amazing wine, and learned a lot about myself.

I have so much I want to accomplish over these next three years. Can’t wait to see what this next year has in store.

Travel has been put on hold a little with Brok’s deployment but we have ventured out a little with friends. Our biggest trip was a boat tour through Croatia.

One of my main goals this year was to finally graduate college. In the words of Hunter, I am a real grown up now. Now that college is done, I hope to write more and blog our travels better. It is hard to write for fun when you have to do it for school.

We are excited to see what this next year holds. We have some great things planned as long as Uncle Sam doesn’t get in the way.

P.S – I actually started writing this May 1st. Procrastination is a disease….

Ciao, Ciao!



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