Benvenuto nella mia casa!

Welcome to my house or in italian (well that’s what google translate said) Benvenuto nella mia casa!

Moving to Italy has been so much harder than I imagined. We knew it would be tough. We were told it could be difficult. Nothing, NOTHING, can prepare you for how difficult it actually was…is.  While I would like to tell you it has been all rainbows and butterflies ], it has been more like mosquitos and no air-condition in July. Moving to a country that has zero base housing is extremely difficult. That means everyone here is looking for a place to stay in the general vicinity of the base. In our case, we moved here during a high PCS time but those leaving hadn’t left yet so the amount of houses available were minimal. We found our house fairly quick but I was so torn with the distance from the base. How can you know if it will be a big deal until you have already committed to it? Then, our landlord wanted to improve some things which would take at least a month… which meant moving off base to another hotel because the base only gives you so many days. Let me just tell you, I had quite a few moments I was not proud of. Fast forward four months and we are finally getting into a groove. We LOVE our house. You will see why in the pictures. It is old but it keeps most of the bugs out and has halfway decent A/C. What it lacks in those areas, it makes up for it with the gorgeous views.  I hope you love it as much as we do!

This is the entry way to our home. Straight ahead is the kitchen. To the right is the living room and dining room. To the left is the hallway to the bedrooms. I love all the natural light we have!


This is our Kitchen. Can you tell this house is from the 60’s-70’s? I won’t even show you our brown bathrooms…. We added the shelving unit and island to house all of our stuff. I’m not sure how italians manage with such little storage space!


The living room and dining room is probably my favorite area of this house. I love that I can see the mountains out front (barely, but they are there!) and beautiful fields and vineyards out back. Plus the doors allow a wonderful breeze and lots of natural light!


This is the hallway and our bedrooms.


Upstairs the kids have a gigantic playroom and I have a quiet office that overlooks the front of the house.


We have so much space! What you didn’t see is our basement with two garages, two storage rooms, Brok’s “man cave”/guest room, and a huge laundry room.  I hope you enjoyed our home tour and if you are ever out this way, we would love to host you!


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