It’s been awhile…

I had all these brilliant plans to keep everyone up to date on our adventures of moving to another country. I was able to write a few blogs while we stayed in lodging on base. Then our house wasn’t ready and we were kicked off to live in a temp home for about 3 weeks. I logged onto my computer, pulled up wordpress, and EVERYTHING was in italian. WHAT?! Nope. Can’t handle this. So I aborted the mission and decided I would pick up  where I left off when we got settled. Certain challenges you just can’t prepare yourself for. Like not being able to shop on Target’s website because you are in a location that they don’t allow access to the site. Again- WHAT?!?! This basic white chick already had her Target dollar spot, Starbucks, and chick-fil a abruptly removed from her life. Now this?! Well thanks to a little thing called a VPN blocker, I can now view American sites when I want too. HA! Take THAT Target! Thus, I have no excuse to be absent and must get back to my posts of our wonderful adventures, crazy Italian discoveries, and our daily lives here in Italia!  Here is a little sneak peek about my next post…FullSizeRender 2.jpg

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