The day had finally arrived. It was really happening! The kids woke up bright and early, which was interesting since our first flight didn’t leave until 6:30… We finished packing and checked out of the hotel. Now we had about 4 hours to waste before we headed to the airport.

What do you do in your final hours in America? Eat at the greatest place on earth: Chick-Fil-A. I’m going to miss those sweet little nuggets of goodness and those wonderful waffle fries. Oh and the way they give me just a little sweet with just a little unsweet tea to make the perfect mix… Until next time cowz.

Before we knew it, it was time to drop off the rental car. Things had gone so smoothly up until this point. Brok and the kids rode with our friend to the rental drop off while I filled up before heading that way. Since Brok and the kids (because this would NEVER be my fault) left trash in the car, I decided while the car was filling up, I would throw the trash away. I swiped my card, started pumping, put the card back in the same hand that was picking up the trash… do you see where this is going? The pump turned off, I got back in the car and on down the road I went. We were leaving for Italy!!! About 3 exits later, it hit me. I need to put my card up. Where’s my card? I did the frantic pocket search, check my purse, my pockets again, and then it hit me. THE. TRASH. CAN. I literally threw my debit card away. With absolutely no time to turn around and drive back, I picked up the phone and called USAA. What would a PCS be without a little extra sprinkle of complication thrown in the mix?  Not my proudest moment.


Everything else went fairly smooth. We got to the airport two hours early due to the amount of bags we had and security with two children. The beginning of check in to arrival at the gate took a whopping 30 minutes! I have never in my life experienced such an easy check in. Luckily, this set the precedent for our entire trip.


The kids were so excited about their first flight. Hunter had flown before but he was two and does not remember. They both got window seats and spent much of the flight looking out the window. When we arrived in Chicago, Brok had to wait for his carry on. It was about 8:30 P.M and I was already exhausted. The kids, however, were doing exercises to stretch their legs after such a long flight (it was 2 hours…).


Our next flight was to Germany and would take about 8 hours. The kids did great. We ate, we slept, we watched T.V, and then we were there! We made our way to customs where we knew there would be a long line and spend at least an hour getting through and to our new gate. Nope. It was just us. No request for orders, no questions, just a stamp on the passport and on we went. Probably looked a little suspicious when I asked, “That’s it? We can go?”.  We waited a little longer for our final flight to Italy. It was a short one. We spent more time waiting on a bus to take us to the plane than we did on the actual plane. We were about 30 minutes late getting to the plane from the bus. Once everyone was in the door, they shut it and began backing up! There were probably 20 people still trying to get to their seats! We quickly got to our seats and buckled up for our final flight to our destination.


I must say, I didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. Traveling to a foreign country is hard. Traveling with 2 kids, 8 bags,  and 4 carry-ons is even harder. This felt like a breeze, a really long breeze.

Stay tuned for PCS ADVENTURES: ARRIVAL to hear about our first impressions of Italy and Aviano AFB!

– Candice


  1. Love your blog! It will help us all here in the USA relive your experiences through your writing. What an awesome idea!


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