DIY: Dream Catcher Tutorial

Dream catchers have become very trendy lately. My friend, Janna, is in the process of redecorating her room, which brings us to why we are here. She was talking about how much she loved this wall display with dream catchers but they were expensive to buy and there was no way she could recreate it. Does she even know me?!?! I don’t back down from a challenge like that. With the upcoming move, I thought it would be special for each of her friends to make one. This way she could always have a piece of us in her home no matter where we may be. Can I mention how hard that part of the military is? You meet wonderful people, they become your family, and poof we’re gone or they’re gone. I guess making that statement obligates me to mention that is also the beautiful side of the military. You meet so many amazing people that you would have never gotten the opportunity to meet if it weren’t for the constant relocations. ANYWAY back to the dream catchers. I had my eye on this project for a while but it kept getting pushed to the back burner.  Now was the time to make it happen. It turned out being super fun and did I mention easy?! If you think you are not creative, don’t be afraid to attempt this DIY. I assure you it will not lengthen the list of pinterest fails you may already have going.  It took us about two hours to complete (which included lots of talking and getting off task).

Dream Catcher Tutorial

Time- 1-2 hours          Cost:$10-$15



  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Doily
  • 1 yd. Muslin
  • 3-5 spools of Lace/Ribbon
  • Scissors



First, let’s talk about the materials. If you don’t know what an embroidery hoop is, let me try and break it down for you. They are wooden and can usually be found on the aisle with needle working or (you guessed it) embroidery thread. Doilies may be the hardest item to find. Luckily, my mom has hundreds (I’m probably not exaggerating…). Michaels had some in their dollar spot (which is always more than 1.00) recently that we snagged for future products. The muslin is used to wrap around the hoop and fill in the ribbons/ accents at the bottom.  Muslin is very cheap in most cases and this helps with the overall cost of your project. For an added bonus, when muslin is ripped into strips, it frays on the edges. This helps the dream catcher have a tattered appearance. When it comes to the lace and ribbon accents, this is where your creativity comes into play. If you have accent colors you want to add, try grabbing a few different textures of the same color. You don’t want your dream catcher to look too uniform.  Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby have a great selection of different kinds of ribbon and lace on a spool. 3-5 rolls should be enough to create your dream catcher. So let’s get started!

First thing you need to do is rip your muslin into strips. You will rip your fabric lengthwise. It should be easy to tear. If you are meeting resistance, you may be ripping in the wrong direction. Make a cut start about 1 inch down. It’s ok for your strips to be different widths. It will actually turn out better to have different widths. Once you have started the cut, get to ripping! It’s actually very therapeutic to rip your fabric to shreds….repeat this until all your muslin is ripped into strips.

Once you have ripped your muslin, it is time to wrap your hoop. There is no need to glue or tie the muslin to the hoop, just be sure to go over the starting point a few times to secure it. You can twist it in your hand to give it a more of a “messy” look. I left my metal tension screw exposed but that is completely up to you!


Once you have completed wrapping the hoop, tuck your end in a loose area to secure it. If you can’t, you can always glue it down. Now comes the fun part… adding strips to the bottom!  For this step, I used different lengths of muslin. You will loop the muslin through itself. Fold your muslin in half and place the fold under the hoop. Then loop the ends through the loop. It might sound a little confusing… hopefully the pictures will help. Make sure NOT to fold your muslin strip perfectly in half, you want it look like different lengths when you finish looping in half.

Once your bottom looks somewhat full, you can begin adding the detail pieces. For the detailed pieces, I just looped it over the hoop and tied it in a knot. This allowed me to save a little bit of length on my more expensive materials.


Once you like the fullness of the dream catcher ribbons, it’s time to attach the doily to the hoop. Place the doily in the center of the hoop. You want your hoop to be a little bigger than the doily. If you by an 8 inch doily, you need about a 10 inch hoop.  Take embroidery thread and secure the doily in the corners. Just tie it in a knot and clip the strings.


The beautiful thing about this project is the ability to put your own spin on it. As you can see, we created three dream catchers that look very different but they are all beautiful!

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.57.12 PM


– Candice


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